3D Filaments

Engineered for Success

Our 3D printing filaments are specially engineered for industrial and commercial applications. Our products (be it glass fiber filament, carbon fiber filament, or bio-based 3d printing filament) are thoroughly quality tested for printability, repeatability, and reduced warpage. With the proper bed preparation and print settings, anyone can print with our 3D printing materials.

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  1. Taulman3D T-Glase PETG Filament
    From $26.00
  2. Taulman3D Recycled PETG Filament
    From $28.00
  3. Taulman3D Bridge Nylon Filament
    From $30.00
  4. Taulman3D Nylon 230 Filament
    From $30.00
  5. Taulman3D PCTPE Flexible Nylon Filament
    From $32.00
  6. Taulman3D Nylon 645 Filament
    From $34.00
  7. Braskem PP Filaments
    From $35.00
  8. Braskem PE Filaments
    From $35.00
  9. Taulman3D TECH-G PETG Filament
    From $36.00
  10. Taulman3D Alloy 910 High Heat Nylon Filament
    From $40.00
  11. Taulman3D Cast Plate Nylon Filament
    From $40.00
  12. Taulman3D Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon Filament
    From $40.00
  13. Taulman3D Alloy 910 Nylon Filament
    From $40.00
  14. Braskem Bio PE Filaments
    From $45.00
  15. Braskem Bio EVA Filaments
    From $49.00
  16. Braskem Recycled PE/PP Filaments
    From $49.00
  17. Taulman3D Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon Filament
    From $50.00
  18. Braskem Recycled PE/PP CF Filaments
    From $59.00
  19. Braskem PP GF Filaments
    From $65.00
  20. Braskem PP CF Filaments
    From $75.00

20 products

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About Our 3D Printer Filament

Braskem 3D filament is designed with the end user in mind; they are a great choice for making molds, jigs, and fixtures, prototyping and testing performance improvements for light weighting, optimizing geometries, and designing spare parts.

Taulman3d, acquired by Braskem in 2022, is a welcome addition to the Braskem portfolio of products.  Trusted by thousands of professionals around the world and offers a wide portfolio of filaments and polymers designed to address specific and varying customer applications. Taulman3D products are available worldwide, through a variety of exceptional distributors on 6 continents. Taulman3D’s headquarters, research, and development as well as production and distribution facilities are in Linton, Indiana. 


Braskem specializes in industrial and consumer grade Polypropylene 3D Filament, Polyethylene 3D filament, Recycled 3D filament, and bio-based 3D filament for fused filament fabrication (FFF).  In addition, through our recent acquisition of Taulman3d, we have expanded our portfolio offering also include one of the industry’s largest selections of Nylon and PETG filaments.